About us

Founded in 2015 in Berlin

As the founder of the Berlin-based company Rocket Enterprise Solutions (Rocket ES for short), the preparation of expert opinions has accompanied us for more than 20 years. This not only in a theoretical way, but also in a practical way as the former owner of one of the largest German regulatory organizations. What particularly disturbed us in our daily work was the processing process, which was characterized by many manual activities, such as recording the data on site using paper and pencil and then transferring the data to a Word form in the office. This not only took a long time, but was also prone to errors. And anyone who has ever tried to insert 2 photos one below the other on a Word page knows what other difficulties lurk on the way to an appealing expert opinion. From these personal experiences, we developed the vision of optimizing data entry in the field by means of ideal software support, with the aim of no longer having to enter data twice in the future. In 2015, we started to put the vision into action by founding Rocket ES and working with top-class experts from the insurance environment and software development to program a digital solution for collecting data for claims organizations and insurance companies. After the initial response to the topic of digitization in Germany was still rather reserved, this has changed massively as of 2017. Insurance companies have recognized that digitization of on-site claims recording increases the quality of appraisals and relieves the burden on adjusters. From the very beginning, the focus was on the fact that the software can be learned within a very short time and that the necessary tasks can be completed easily and quickly. Based on a simple process and form designer, customers can quickly and easily configure their own requirements without any IT knowledge. This is a significant advantage over similar providers, as one can react more flexibly to new requirements in the industry. One example: during the major flood damage in 2021, the largest claims settlement organization in Germany simplified and adapted the intake process within a few hours, making it possible to process the high volume of orders in the first place

With our software, we were able to win well-known German insurers as customers in a short time, including some of the largest German insurance companies such as: AXA, ERGO, R+V, VHV and others. We thus created a standard for on-site damage recording at the customer's premises. In the meantime, we are also active internationally and have expanded our product portfolio to include other areas and target groups, such as individual experts for a wide variety of areas. However, we will never lose sight of our vision from back then, to generate appraisals as simply and quickly as possible in the future.